300 Ruisseau Clair

Condo rental
St-Jovite, Mt-Tremblant


Tel.: 514-887-4828

Terms and conditions

Comfort Inn Mont-Tremblant will be responsible for your check-in/check-out, the security and cleaning of your condo.

                                        Security deposit : The guest accepts the responsibility for all missing inventory and damages to the property and authorises the owner and/or Comfort Inn Mont-Tremblant to charge the amounts of repair or replacement to the credit card on file.
                                        Smoking : It is forbidden to smoke in the unit. Penalty of $150.00.
                                        Noise complaints : In order to provide a pleasant vacation environment, no noise will be tolerated after 11.00pm. Noise complaints received in regards to your party or anyone in your unit may result in a fine of $250.00 and more. Immediate expulsion from the property with no refund of deposit may also occur in the case of noise disturbance.

1st notice:      No penalty

2nd notice :    Penalty of $250.00

3th notice:    Expulsion without refund of your unit.

                                        Cleaning fees  : A extra charge of $100.00 will be applied to your bill if the unit is left in a unacceptable state.
                                        Pets : No pets are allowed in the unit. Penalty of $150.00.
                                        Safety rules
                                        of the establishment
You and your guests hereby accept to follow the safety rules of the establishment. You and your guests assume full responsibility for any damages or bodily harm of any nature which you may suffer or cause to others by breaking any safety rules and hereby releases Comfort Inn Mont-Tremblant and the owner from all legal liability.
                                        Early departure  : In case of early departure, remaining night is none refundable.
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